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Experiences a hard teacher because she gives the test first
the lesson afterward. The task of modern educate is not to cut down the jungles
but to irrigate deserts.Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open space

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  • The school provides a language lab for the improvement of student communication and listening skills. The language also provides accent training where the child can record his accent and improve upon it.


  • Health of body and mind is a great blessing, if we can bear it
  • At the very beginning, the school physician reviews the child health and gives a feedback to the parents. Vision, hearing, overall physical health report will also include a recommended diet and medical suggestions for further improvement. The health check-up is done once in every term and the child's physical development is also tracked and monitored.
  • The school counsellor also conducts appropriate psychological tests at the beginning of the academic year to understand the child's counselling needs.


  • Harvest believes in experiential learning. Educational visits, field trips, outdoor activities and camps give ample opportunity for the children to learn in a natural environment. Students will also be taken to different industries, manufacturing units, research labs, hospitals etc to have the first-hand experience of the careers that they can think of. Students are also taken for overnight trips and camps.


  • Children are made aware of the truth of life arranging visits to the following places.
  • Visits to the orphanage
  • Visits to the old-age home
  • Visit to a village
  • Visit to a medical camp
  • Understanding Agriculture
  • How to make a difference – Panel Discussion This helps the child to understand the importance of the resources that he has received and how to use them correctly. It also helps service mindedness and concern towards the needy


  • To imbibe among students love and care for environment, the school provides green infrastructure to the students where it has all necessary facilities like vermin-compost pit, recycle machine, rain water harvester, organic farming and school nursery that can help teach students to think, live, stay and work for green future.


  • Harvest believes that physical development of the child is equally important for the child as academics. Special emphasis is laid on development of fitness and age appropriate growth. The school provides a modern indoor sports facility and a well laid out outdoor playground. The sports offered are, basketball, football, cricket, athletics, badminton and yoga. The school employs professional coaches who have the where expertise and passion. Children are trained and prepared for intra and inter school competitions.
  • The school provides ample opportunities for dance, music, drama, puppetry, drawing, painting and other kinds of crafts. This is to ensure the development of overall personality by encouraging skills, creative thinking, communication skills, gross and fine motor skills etc. As children work together, it results in caring, sharing, working in teams, coordination and leadership.